Step 1:

Are you looking for security, speed, or cost savings?

The most secure web hosting available will differ depending on what you’re looking for. If security is your goal, then using a dedicated server or managed dedicated server from a data center with state-of-the-art physical security and DDoS protection is probably your best bet. Unfortunately, these solutions are also costly. If you want speed and affordability, shared web hosting may be more your style—it tends to be much less expensive than dedicated servers or managed dedicated servers.

Step 2:

Do you need a domain name provider (DNS) as well as web hosting service?

You don’t need a domain name provider (DNS) as well as web hosting service. In fact, most providers that offer web hosting also provide DNS services, so check their features to see if they offer both. However, you can always choose two different companies if you want to keep your DNS and web hosting separate. If you go with multiple companies, be sure to contact them and make sure they use compatible systems before setting up both at once!

Step 3:

Do you need website builder software included in your package?

If you are building a professional website, it’s generally best to invest in software that will allow you to design your own site. WordPress and Squarespace both offer beautiful templates that can be customized. If you want a more hands-on experience, we suggest using Wix or Weebly since they allow you to build your own site rather than using pre-made templates.

Step 4:

How much technical support will you need to get everything set up properly?

To secure your business online, you need to pick a web hosting service that has secure server software and secure access. Many people don’t know what secure web hosting is or how it works. Use koddos, you won't be disappointed.

Step 5:

Can your selected host be trusted with your data and privacy?

Before signing a contract with a web host, it’s vital to ensure that your data and privacy will be protected. A new web host may look great at first glance, but in reality they could end up compromising security or deleting data without warning. Only choose a web host you can trust. Remember, once you upload your site to their servers, you give them permission to access and even delete your files. Never commit to any hosting company until you read our reviews!

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